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"Stay Gold!" You want it? We do it!

We are a Russian/Thai friends-owned Phuket Che-Buratino Tattoo Studio.

Che-Buratino Tattoo Studio has been trading for 10 years in Kathu & for 5 years in the heart of Patong Phuket. The proprieter Mikhail Bolle himself on proving the best Tattoos in Phuket.

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The Tattoo artist Deao is highly skilled and has won many local tattoo awards!

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Nina Chusova

Our Tattoo Business has been running for over 15 years & we have 2 full-time qualified Tattoo Artists to make your tattoo perfect in every way!

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We are one of the few Tattoo Shops in Phuket to use an Autoclave (hospital grade sterilization), so you can be assured of our safe and hygienic practices by our highly trained Patong Tattoo Artists.

There are many different Tattoo Shops in Patong, but we are really the best. If you're looking for the quality & for the best tattoo artists in Phuket.. then you've come to the right place.

We have a saying at the Che-Buratino Tattoo Studio;

U want something special... U'll get it!

Feel free to drop into our professional, modern, air-conditioned tattoo studio in Patong and meet our friendly staff..

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Once Che-Buratino said: I got “stay gold” for my dad, he came from a really bad life and the only book he ever read was the outsiders. He told me that stay gold really stuck with him, it means to stay true to yourself and never change. I take the meaning from that, and also from the poem by Robert Frost “Nothing gold can stay” in that, I will fight to stay golden and will let nothing over come me.

Che-Buratino: 116 Nanai Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket тел:+7 910-4784854

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