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How To Get A Great Tattoo And Never Regret It

A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The first written reference to the word, "tattoo" (or Samoan "Tatau") appears in the journal of Joseph Banks, the naturalist aboard Captain Cook's ship the HMS Endeavour: "I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humor or disposition".

Nina Chusova

Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures spread throughout the world. The Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, traditionally had facial tattoos. Today, one can find Berbers of Tamazgha (North Africa), Māori of New Zealand, Hausa people of Northern Nigeria, Arabic people in East-Turkey and Atayal of Taiwan with facial tattoos. Tattooing was widespread among Polynesians and among certain tribal groups in Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and Micronesia. Indeed, the island of Great Britain takes its name from tattooing, with Britons translating as 'people of the designs' and the Picts, who originally inhabited the northern part of Britain, which literally means 'the painted people'. Despite some taboos surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular in many parts of the world.

How To Get A Great Tattoo And Never Regret It

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All the people who are telling you that getting a tattoo is just a "fad" are so dumb. Pretty sure everyone who walks into a tattoo shop knows that it's PERMANENT and anyone who goes in with the intent of getting a tattoo simply b/c they think it will make them look badas$ is retarded. But I think a good 98% of people who get tattoos nowadays do it because it MEANS something to them... so about regretting tattoos, I think as long as it means something to you then you're fine. Ok, so what if it looks like sh*t when I'm 80? first of all, who said I was gonna live to be that old, and second of all, who's gonna be looking @ me like that anyway? lol

Like I said, if it has meaning, then it should always have meaning to you, and that's a good way to know you most likely won't regret it. just look back at them when you're 40 and laugh like, oh I remember when I used to be a crazy kid! It'll bring back good memories lol. I don't see why everyone has such a stick up their as$ about it!

You only live once! so you might as well go all out and do what you feel is right b/c you won't get a 2nd chance! don't do things (or not do things) based on what other people say/think. it's your body, no one else's.

about getting a job, it depends on what you wanna do, but most times you can cover up tattoos anyway unless they're like on your forehead lol. if you want sleeves or something, you can always wear a long sleeved shirt or even a shirt that ends at your elbows if you want something above that. Doctors and lawyers and police men have them, I'm sure you'll be fine! and even though I completely understand that companies wanna give off a "professional" appearance... not hiring someone b/c they have a tattoo is discrimination, actually. just cuz you have ink doesn't make you less able to do a job. you can have a clean cut guy who's a total slacker or a guy with tattoos all over and the best damn resume you've ever seen... so yeah! companies will have to make a choice and it shouldnt be based on appearance!

Che-Buratino Price List:

For example, the represented tattoo "Infinity Wheel" (Size: height=10cm width=10cm) Price: 200$

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There is a wide variety of opinion about what is the best aftercare regimen for ensuring the best results for your new Tattoo. Considerations include not only the speed and cleanliness in healing your new Tattoo, but also the method that results in obtaining the best color. Your Tattoo Artist undoubtedly will have something very definite to say about aftercare, and it is probably a good idea to listen to him/her. Below is our personal advice based on more than 100 years of combined experience here at 13 Roses Tattoo of Tattooing, getting Tattooed and from conversations with our many Artists and Enthusiast friends.

A Tattoo normally takes 7 to 10 days to heal. There is no "idiot proof" instructions for the care and healing fo a Tattoo, but we think if you read -- and FOLLOW -- our suggestions below, that you'll have an excellent chance of making sure that your new Tattoo will be the best that it can be!

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1. Bandaging Your Freshly Done Tattoo. When your Tattoo Artist has finished applying your Tattoo he or she will typically "wipe" the Tattoo down with green soap, then apply a thin coat of Vaseline or an anti-bacterial ointment, then bandage it. Depending on the size of the Tattoo, this may be done with a simple gauze bandage or multiple bandages and medical tape.

When the area of the body that is being worked on is quite large or some areas of the body that are simply awkward or difficult to bandage with gauze and tape, it has become quite common for Tattoo Artists to cover the freshly done Tattoo with plastic-film wrap, such as Saran wrap.

Over time, we have found this last method to be without question the BEST METHOD for wrapping freshly Tattooed skin. No matter the size or body part Tattooed, many Tattoo Artists (and Enthusiasts) have discovered that plastic-film or wrap is a preferable dressing. It can be easier to affix and wrap the Tattooed area and when removing the dressing hours later the Tattoo will not "stick" to the plastic-film like it will to a gauzy bandage. (One cautionary note -- usually the film-wrap is fixed in place with medical tape - and many individuals are highly-sensitive to the adhesives in the tape. If you find that your skin will blotch and redden with normal medical tape, bring your hown hypo-allergenic paper-tape for affixing the bandage when done).

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2. Anti-Bacterial Ointments (Neosporin, Bacitracin, A&D Ointment, Etc.). Before your new Tattoo is bandaged, your Tattoo Artist will typically apply a thin coat of an anti-bacterial ointment, such as Bacitracin or Neosporin from a sterile, single-use packet. Here at 13 Roses Tattoo, in fact, the DeKalb County Health Department regulations actually require it.

Once you leave the Tattoo Studio, however, it is NOT NECESSARY for you to continue to use an anti-bacterial ointment while your new Tattoo is healing!

YES, a Tattoo is an "open wound" -- and thus subject to the possibility of an infection. But with simple good hygiene (see below) there is no danger of a serious infection. And continuously apply oily, petroleum-based ointments is actually counter-productive to the healing process. They can clog your poores and prevent the skin from "breathing" and generally unnecessarily prolong the healing-time of your new Tattoo. There are also some that believe these oily products "leach" pigment out of the skin, thus contributing to a loss of color and vibrancy in your new Tattoo. By virtue of the Tattooing process itself, you are going to see colored igment "shed" from your Tattoo during the healing process. The stability of the pigment in your skin, however, depends much more on the technical skill of the Tattoo Artist that applied your Tattoo (depth of needle, not overworking your skin, etc.) and the density of the pigment used (denser inks will result in more insertion of pigment under the skin) than to the healing process itself. But your new Tattoo is actually much less fragile than you think!

Special Note Regarding A&D Ointment: Also a popular topical ointment for healing Tattoos. But be warned: If you are applying this ointment to a very large area that has been Tattooed, it is possible to have an adverse reaction from an overdose where the skin absorbs too much of the active ingredients. If you are going to use an anti-bacterial ointment, either Neosporin or Bacitracin is a better choice.

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3. How Long Before I Can Remove the Bandage? Naturally, most people want to remove the bandage to show off their new Tattoo right away. But you want to wait at least a few hours. Principally, this is to allow the traumatized skin to heal and the "oozing" (lymphatic flid and blood) to stopflowing. These fluids may drain and collect in the bandage for an hour or more on a fresh Tattoo.

After 4-6 hours fee free to remove the bandage -- and if your artist has used plastic-film wrap, do not leave the bandage on more than 8 hours! Once you have removed the bandage, clean your new Tattoo well with a mild, non-abrasive soap and warm water. DO NOT SCRUB -- but your Tattoo is not as delicate as you might think either. Clean it well -- massage and remove the excess ink and dried fluid and be sure to remove the residue of any Vaseline, Neosporing or other ointment that may have been applied. If your Tattoo is larger or in a diffcult location on the body, removing the plastic film-wrap can be more easily done by letting it loosen and slip-off while taking a shower.

CAUTION: If you are exposing your Tattoo in the shower, do not let the full force of the shower spray directly onto the newly Tattooed skin. Let the shower spracy run indirectly over your body to wash the Tattoo. You will also find that a lukewarm shower is more comfortable and will not "sting" your new Tattoo. Hot water (and STEAM) opens the skin's pores and can cause greater loss of pigment during the healing process.

HINT (Old Yakuza Secret!): After you have cleaned your Tattoo and before stepping out of the shower, turn the temperature to ice-cold and let the water run indirectly over your new tattoo for 30 to 45 seconds -- this closes the pores and prevents further drainage and in our personal experience feel generally results in better healing, and for a color Tattoo, retention of color pigment. Then gently pat the Tattooed area dry.

NOTE: Do not leave the bandage on TOO LONG! Keeping freshly Tattooed skin wrapped tight for more than 8 hours frequently can lead to skin rashes (localized bacterial infections) and your Tattoo breaking-out all "pimply" -- the bandage should protect the Tattoo only while the natural body fluids drain, then exposure to air is needed for your skin to heal properly. Remember, the purpose of the bandage is principally to collect the seepage of body fluids in the first couple of hours after the Tattoo has been completed. Unless you are engaged in work where there is a great likelihood that dirt, grease and other contaminants may come in direct contact with your new Tattoo, it is not necessary to re-bandage it. And if you do have that type of potential exposure at work, etc., it is better to cover your Tattoo with loose-fitting, protective clothing, rather than a new bandage.

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4. Care During the First Week. Care is pretty simple thereafter. You do NOT need to re-bandage the Tattoo!!! In fact, that would simply prolong the healing time -- and risk scabbing and loss of color if you are applying a gauzy type bandage (they tend to "stick" to the skin, and promote the creation of thicker scabbing on the Tattoo). Instead, simply moisturize the Tattoo lightly with a lotion -- no more than 2 or 3 times a day. Far and away the best that we've found for doing so is to use Noxzema face cream. It's very light, water-based and non-pore clogging (many lotions with collagen and aloe clog pores when applied over a fresh Tattoo). Not only that -- it's far cheaper than using other specially prepared, Tattoo-only products which are simply unnecessary (all of which are simply variations on other readily available skin lotions and creams).

We recommend using Noxzema for the first 2 or 3 days and gently massage a small amount into the Tattoo. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SLATHER YOUR TATTOO WITH ANY CREAMS OR LOTIONS! Doing so will caus ethe skin to pucker, scab more heavily and almost certainly result in loss of some pigment. It is sufficient to lightly moisturize the skin when it "feels" dry. This will also help prevent itching.

That said -- everybody's skin IS different -- using the above as guidelinesm, experiment and stick with what works best for you.

Clothing: You will also want to be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing that will not rub against the Tattoo -- expecially in the first 2 or 3 days of healing. It is better to keep your freshly Tattooed skin exposed to the air during the healing process if at all possible, and if not, to avoid tight clothing that can "stick" to the Tattoo, or clothing that will cause you to perspire where you have been Tattooed, etc.

DO NOT PICK at your new Tattoo. Ideally, the skin will form an "onion-peel" like a sunburn. Allow this to slough-off naturally while bathing -- and some will dislodge when you gently rub lotion into the Tattoo.

KEEP IT CLEAN! Sure, this is stating the obvious -- but remember -- especially the first day or two, the Tattoo is an OPEN WOUND until a skin barrier is formed again. So -- avoid things like letting your pets lick the freshly Tattooed skin (they will naturally be attracted to the smell). Don't touch your Tattoo yourself if you have not washed your hands. Don't go out and lean your Tattoo on bar and tables surfaces, theatre seats, handrails, etc. -- be conscious that you are still healing.

HINT: When sleeping with your new Tattoo, one way to avoid the freshly Tattooed skin from "sticking" to your bed sheets is to liberally sprinkle baby powder onto them. It will not hurt your Tattoo and will prevent you from sticking to the sheets like you would with a gauze bandage. You may also want to buy a special set of bed linens to use for sleeping during the first few days after you are Tattooed -- and reuse them in the future if you plan on getting more work, of if your Tattoo is of a size that it will only be completed with multiple sessions. A set of black cotton sheets works great when sleeping with a freshly healing Tattoo.

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5. Moisturizing. This cannot be over-emphasized -- DO NOT OVER-MOISTURIZE. As indicated above, ointments and petroleum-based products retard the healing process and do not let the skin "breathe". Similarly, slathering your body with lotions on your Tattoo continually will also retard healing, lead to heavier scabbing and potential loss of color from your new Tattoo.

Moisturing should be "light" -- a thin coat in the morning, and in the evening. Primarily this will help to prevent itching and help slough off the thin "onion-ell" like skin that forms over a new Tattoo much like a sunburn.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE -- Difficult to Heal Areas of the Body: Isn't there always one? On occasion, there may be parts of the body where despite your best efforts, you end up with some heavy "scabbing" -- for example, the "crack" where your knew or arm bends. There, the constant, repeated movement of the joint simply makes it very hard not to end up with some scabbing during the healing process. Sometimes this can be painful and perhaps even impede proper healing of your new Tattoo. On those rare occasions when this does happen, we recommend showering to hydrate the area that has acabbed and to apply heavier and more frequent coating of lotion to help it dislodge the scab. This must be done carefully -- picking at the sab and pulling it away before its properly loosened will just result in more scabbing and loss of pigment. But sometimes removing heavy scabbing -- on a joint-area particularly -- results in better healing for the rest of the Tattoo. You may also need to have your Tattoo Artist go back in and touch-up those areas where the color is lighter after healing -- but this is normal for more difficult to heal areas of the body.

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6. Scratching and Picking -- DON'T!! Like a bad sunburn, during the healing process you may find that your Tattoo "itches". We've found this tends to be more intense with heavy color-work, or working on a large area at one sitting and with some colors that seem to be more prone to this than others (reds, purpole and magenta) -- but it can be very individualistic. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that scratching and picking at your Tattoo is bad. RESIST -- picking at the scab that forms over your Tattoo will result in loss of color. Even if your Tattoo does not "scab" (and hopefully it won't or any scabbing will be minimal -- some parts of the body are just going to scab no mater what you do) resist the urge to "peel away" the onoin-skin like layer that will form over your Tattoo as it heels. This is natural, and it will slough-off in the shower or when you bathe by itself.

HINT: A time-tested remedy to relieve the itching should you experience it is simply to "slap" the area that itches repeatedly. Rubbing alcohol or other alcohol based products (Listerine, Bactine, mouthwash) can also tempoarily relieve itching.

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7. What to AVOID! Once it is healed, there is very little that will really screw up a Tattoo. The one BIG exception is prolonged exposure to UV light, i.e., sunlight and tanning beds.


Bathing: During the first 48-72 hours, care should be taken while bathing. Soaking in a hot tub is NOT A GOOD IDEA! The hot ater will draw impurities (including Tattoo ink pigment) out of your skin. Simiilarly, a hot shower or a steam-room will have the same effect -- take a lukewarm shower and minimize your time in the shower with a new Tattoo and do not let the shower spray beat on the Tattooed skin directly.

Swimming: Swimming in chlorinated pools and salt-water swimming should be avoided for the first week or so (as should soaking in a Jacuzzi, or even your own bathtub at home). While neither pool Chlorine nor salt-water will affect a healted Tattoo, both are sources of bacteria dn other impurities that could infect your new Tattoo. But, after the first few days, the surface over the Tattoo (absent scabbing) is relatively mpervious and it is OK to swim. If, however, you are scabbing, water will tend to swell the scab, loosen it and perhaps cause some loss of pigment. A much greater danger to your Tattoo is the prolonged exposure to SUNLIGHT that is associated with swimming.

Steam Roosm/Saunas: Again - NOT a good idea while your new Tattoo is healing. Steam and hot water open the pores of the skin and can result in loss of pigment. But once healed - enjoy! In fact, saunas and steam rooms bring out a luminosity and color in the colored skin that you won't see elsewhere.

Sunlight/Tanning: Without question, the single, WORST thing for any Tattoo. While the newer,plasticized inks appear to better at resisting fading, if you spend lots of time in bright sunlight for work or pleasure, over time your Tattoo will fade (over a lifetime, not a week). To keep them looking their best, try and keep out of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Just use some common sense. Think of your Tattoo as an investment. Only exposre your new Tattooto long periods of sun after it is fully healed and then only with a strong sunscreen applied.

And THINK AHEAD -- if you are a sun-worshipper and arent' going to change, then perhaps you should consider more seriously getting black/grey or Tribal-style work which generally withstands sun exposure much better than color work does. Of course, there's another school of thought -- that "faded" Tattoos become more a "part of you" and take on a "lived-in" patina -- that's a "look" too. Think sun-drenched Harley biker . . .

Preparation-H: We have heard stories of Tattoo Artists that recommend using Preparation-H in the healing of new Tattoos. Peparation-H is a product marketed for the relief of hemorrhoidal tissue in the US. In a word: DON'T! Dr. Jeff Herndon, resident assistant professor at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College, says Preparation-H should *NOT* be used for Tattoos:

"Preparation-H contains shark liver oil (similar to cod liver oil) and it is used primarily as a carrier of the active ingredients and as a protectent, forming a physical barrier on the skin. While this may be helpful in the healing of hemorrhoids, it provides no benefit and perhaps mpeded the healing of new Tattoos. Furthermore, while phenyl mercuric nitrate (anothe principal ingredient) may have antiseptic properties (similar to mercurochrome or tinctureof iodine; niether of hwich should be used on fresh Tattoos) it possesses very little anti-infective properties when compared to traditional antibacterial agents such as Neosporin and Bacitracin, etc. Its use in such low quantities in Preparation-H is more likely as a preservative. The active ingredient of Preparation-H is the skin respiratory factor and this does nothing to relieve the itching and/or swelling associated with a new Tattoo. Not only will it NOT help your Tattoo, it was actually probably do more harm than good. The product was developed for hemorrhoid tissue only."

Tight Clothing: Again, a little bit of extra care in the first 48-72 hours until a good "skin barrier" has formed will promote faster, cleaner healing. It's only common sense that wearing tight fitting or restrictive clothing that rubs or irritates the freshly Tattooed skin is going to lead to scabbing. Additionally, bacteria and other foreign materials embedded in clothing can become a further source of infection for freshly Tattooed skin. And remember -- THINK AHEAD!! -- If you are going to your Tattoo Artist to have your thigh or ass worked on, don't just think you'll wear your jeans home -- bring along a pair of sweatpants or track pants that are loose and breathe that you can wear out of the Tattoo studio.

Pets & Children: Both are a "hotbed" of infectious organisms! If you have dogs or cats (or snakes or lizards . . .), pay particular care not let them lick, "paw" or rub against your fresh Tattoo -- nor should you touch them and then touch your freshly Tattooed skin.

HOT SEX: Got your attention didn't we? Okay -- you've just gotten a great new Tattoo? So what are you going to do -- go out and play rugby? Have a session of hot, aggressive physical sex? Go on vacation to Hawaii? THINK AHEAD!! -- is it wise to get work when shortly thereafter you may expose it to injury that could damage the new work you just paid for? Be prepared to ALLOW THE TIME to give your new Tattoo the time it needs to heal safely and cleanly!

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Pectoral Tattoo Ideas

The pectoral area, or the chest, is a popular location for a tattoo. It's an area that's easily covered, so if you don't want a visible tattoo, it's a good choice of location. There are numerous options for pectoral tattoos, but some are more common and work better on the chest than others.

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Hearts Tattoo Ideas

Heart tattoos work well on the chest, since your heart is roughly below where your tattoo lies. Sacred hearts are a popular tattoo design and are used often in the old-school or traditional style of tattooing. The sacred heart is a catholic symbol, so some people may get this tattoo for the religious connotations. There are also many other heart designs you could go with. Ask your tattoo artist if you need help coming up with a specific design.

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Female Chest Tattoos

Although the term "pectoral" is most often used to describe the male chest, it is not uncommon for a women to get tattooed on her chest. If you'd like to go for a more specifically feminine design, there are several options. Some ideas include swallows, rose blooms or other flowers, butterflies, cherries or other fruits, anchors, cupcakes, and stars. Traditional-style crossed pistols also look great on the chest area.

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Strange Vintage Tattoo Ideas

Vintage tattoos use fairy-tale imagery, traditional colors and techniques refined over hundreds of years. For something less than ordinary, try mixing bright modern ink colors and images, with body-art traditions inspired by dark mysticism and famous vintage tattoo styles. To get the best design, choose a registered tattoo artist who has a comprehensive portfolio that includes vintage inspired work. Work together to create a final design that pays tribute to tattooing history, while being personal to you.

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Sailor Tattoos

Famous vintage ink styles include sailor tattoos of the 19th century. During this time, European navies traveled the world, collecting images inspired by far away lands. In “The Decorated Body,” David Brain explains that the church clamped down on decorative tattooing during medieval times. So when body decoration made an exuberant comeback, sailor tattoos told tales of the high seas and adventure. They were also used as charms, for example a rooster was tattooed on the foot to prevent drowning. Vintage sailor images such as anchors, birds, mermaids, sea-monsters and sailing ships make classic tattoos, or you could just let the spirit of unknown adventure inspire a more personal design. Traditional sailor tattoos were drawn with dark navy or black ink. Each individual image is worn like a charm, so consider placement and symbolism carefully.

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20th Century Tattoos

Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins (1911-1973) was one of most influential tattoo artists of the 20th century. Fans of Sailor Jerry wear each tattoo much like the original sailor charms. It’s easy to get a vintage tattoo inspired by this style, as most tattoo artists are familiar with Sailor Jerry’s work. Yet these classic 20th century inks are figurative, so you must check portfolios first to make sure you like the tattooist’s drawing style. Sailor Jerry tattoos depict classic sailing motifs mixed with 20th century imagery, especially 1940s and ‘50s style. They are distinctive because they are simple pictures, filled in with warm colors and drawn with a smooth black outline. Birds, hearts, flowers, maidens and sailing ships form tiny stories. A bird flies through the air knotting a string of ribboned hearts or a ship sails home in a sea of roses. The classic color palette of black, blue, browns and red looks instantly vintage. Shading makes each image three-dimensional and softly rounded. For an unusual take on this, you could adapt the style to a modern picture. This style is ideal for those interested in burlesque or horror.

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Buddhist Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos express to the world your beliefs and feelings. If you are a Buddhist, choose a tattoo that explains your religion visually. An image of a buddha would be the most obvious, but if you want something more unusual and personal, consider the lotus, the golden fishes, fruit offerings and the deer as possible Buddhist tattoo ideas.

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Lotus Tattoo Ideas

One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, the lotus is one idea for a Buddhist tattoo. According to the "Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols," the eight auspicious symbols are the most well-known of Buddhism and were originally offerings to an Indian king. The lotus represents the blossoming of pure activities, and the Buddha and other deities are often seen sitting or standing on a lotus. Choose a lotus with four, eight, 16, 42 or 64 petals, which correspond to the chakras in Buddhism. Pink lotuses should have eight or 16 petals, while a yellow lotus is called the golden lotus, or padma.

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The Golden Fishes Tattoo Ideas

The golden fishes are also one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, and are usually depicted as two fish in a circle with their noses touching. Their origin is from the two largest rivers in India, the Ganges and the Yamuna. In Buddhism, the golden fishes represent happiness and abundance, and they are usually found as a pair. For a tattoo, design two carps completely symmetrical with their noses touching. Use yellow or gold for the tattoo and depict the fish with graceful tails and fins.

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Fruit Offerings Tattoo Ideas

Design a Buddhist tattoo with an ornate bowl with three ripe fruit, such as mangoes or peaches. In Buddhism, fruit offerings represent taste in the five attributes of sensory enjoyment. Three fruits are also the three jewels of Buddhism, which are Buddha, dharma and sangha, and they are the past, present and future. As symbols, fruit offerings refer to the creative juice and artistic inspiration, especially in dance and music.

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Deer Tattoo Ideas

In Buddhism, deer represent renunciation, because they do not sleep in the same place on consecutive nights. They are symbols of natural harmony and purity, and deer are often drawn as pairs. For a tattoo, design a deer with horns, which are a symbol of longevity. A male and female deer together symbolize happiness and fidelity.

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Nether Region Tattoo Ideas

In 2000, National Geographic published statistics to a poll showing that 15 percent of Americans had a tattoo. In 2006, it was estimated that 24 percent of Americans who are between ages 18 and 50 are tattooed. As tattoos become more popular, it should come as no surprise that people have become more inventive with their placement. Many people are opting to get tattoos down below instead of the more traditional locations, like on the back or upper arm. If you're looking into getting an intimate tattoo, it's up to you whether you want it to be pretty, fierce or comical. Does this Spark an idea?

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Words Tattoo Ideas

One common type of tattoo to get near your nether regions is a word or phrase. You could choose words that are meaningful to you, such as "Carpe diem" (seize the day), or "Love." Alternatively, you could choose more humorous words, such as "You're Welcome," or "It's your lucky day." The actor Alex Pettyfer has the words "Thank you" tattooed on his crotch. Before you get a lover's name tattooed down below, make sure that you would still want the tattoo if your relationship went sour and you ended up breaking up.

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Symbols Tattoo Ideas

Another popular tattoo to get on or below your hip is a symbol. Symbols are usually small and simple, but can have huge meanings behind them. Because they are so small, they make great tattoos to get down below. You could get the yin and yang symbol just below your pant-line for example, or the radioactive symbol. The heart is one symbol that is recognized across many cultures. Chinese and Native American symbols are commonly chosen as tattoos. You also have the option of choosing a symbol that is more personal to you, such as the symbol of your zodiac sign, since it is in such a personal location.

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Pictures Tattoo Ideas

The most common tattoos aren't symbols or words, but images. Images allow you to have the most options when choosing your tattoo. For nether region tattoos, men usually choose images that convey strength or masculinity, like a devil, while women usually choose feminine looking images, like flowers. Both men and women choose to get humorous pictures down below, such as a bottle of poison marked "xxx." You could choose the image of an animal, such as a dove, snake, or butterfly to get below your waist. Dragons and tigers are popular tattoos, especially in Asia. Other commonly used images are angels, stars and flames. Almost any image can be recreated as a tattoo in some form for a personal tattoo.

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Abstract Designs Tattoo Ideas

Abstract looking designs are popularly used for nether region tattoos because they can be tailored to the individual. These designs might be in the tribal style, or they might utilize other kinds of shapes. Because they aren't of any object in particular, you can have the design fit your personal style, as well as the way your nether region is shaped. Abstract designs can be very flattering when designed to flow with your body's unique contours. You could even sketch out the design yourself, or have your favorite tattoo artist make a design in his or her unique style to beautifully complement your nether region.

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How to Explain Your New Tattoo to Your Husband

Getting a tattoo is a personal choice for many women. Tattoos often express some aspect of your personality and may hold a special meaning only you understand. While no one can tell you what you can do with your body, if you are married you may want to discuss getting a new tattoo with your husband. If you choose not to discuss it first, you will need to find a way to explain the new tattoo in such a way that your husband understands it's important.

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1. Discuss the tattoo with your husband before you get it to avoid having to explain the new tattoo. This is the best and easiest approach. If you can do this, you won't find yourself having to explain after the fact. Offer your explanations first.

2. Hide the tattoo until you have offered your explanation. Wear a shirt or article of clothing that covers it while you offer the explanation. This is better than just appearing in front of your husband with a new tattoo. Seeing it before hearing your explanation may take the conversation in another direction or could result in an argument. Explain to your husband that you have something show him and ask him to sit with you.

3. Discuss the concept of your tattoo with your husband and the importance of the concept. If, for instance, you've had a rose and the words "soul mate" tattooed on your shoulder because you believe in the concept of two people being meant for one another, tell your husband this and explain why that concept means so much to you.

4. Tell your husband you have found a way to demonstrate the importance of the concept. He may ask you how. State that you got a new tattoo before you uncover it. This can help lessen the shock that may occur if you simply uncover it.

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About Tattoo Art

People use their skin as canvas for tattoo art to beautify their body, for beliefs, for social status or in memory of important matters. Tattoo art may be as simple as a small flower on the back to an elaborate drawing on an entire section of the body. Tattoo art may be applied in color or with black ink to reflect words, a person, place or thing. The types of tattoo art ideas are endless, from things that are generic to more personalized images or messages.

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Origin Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo art dates back to thousands of years ago, according to Smithsonian.com. History has revealed people have permanently marked their skin with tattoo art for different reasons, but it has always had a personal meaning. One of the earliest is the "Iceman," a frozen mummy that had tattoos of "dots and small crosses on his lower spine and right knee and ankle joints [which] correspond to areas of strain-induced degeneration," according to Smithsonian.com. Experts suggest these markings had therapeutic purposes to alleviate joint pain.

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Major Styles Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo art comes in various shapes, sizes and styles. The major styles of tattoo art include photorealist, biomechanical, surrealist, fine line black and gray, tribal, Asian, traditional American, flash and ancient, according to an interactive infographic illustration from Neatorama. Photorealist portray images as you may see them appear in a photograph. Biomechanical portray images that may combine human and robot. Surrealist portrays fantasy and incoherence. Fine line black and gray portrays images that can incorporate shading through variations of black and gray ink. Tribal portrays geometric or dark images relayed in ancient tribal cultures. Asian portrays symbolic designs of that culture such as flowers, dragons or koi fish. Traditional American portrays American icons such as Betty Boop. Flash portrays images based on trends of the moment. And ancient portrays designs found from history.

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Regulations Tattoo Ideas

Proper hygiene is essential to the process of creating tattoo art. Blood and needles are involved with the creation of tattoo art and if the professional you are working with does not practice proper hygiene, you can be at risk of transmitted diseases. The practice of tattooing is not federally regulated. Each state has its own regulation or no regulation. Some states leave cities, counties and municipalities to put in place regulations for tattoo practice. Some general best practices and common regulations include that the tattoo artist be properly trained and educated on sanitation of hands, work area, and equipment. The facility where tattoo art is produced should be properly equipped and customers should go through proper procedure requirements such as being sober and completing a written consent form, according to FAQs.org.

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Aftercare Tattoo Ideas

To prevent skin from infection and to ensure the tattoo remains in the best quality, there are aftercare procedures to take. Scabs should not be removed and tattoos should not be exposed to sunlight for long periods for at least two weeks. Swimming pools and saunas also need to be avoided during the critical two week period to avoid tattoo art from fading or skin not healing properly. Skin also needs to be kept clean by washing it at least twice a day with warm water and soap. Treatments for cuts, burns and scrapes may also be recommended by your professional to apply to help with the healing process.

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Ideas for Army Tags

Army tags have emerged as a popular fashion accessory in recent years, not only as a show of support for loved ones in the military, but as personal expressions and statements. There are a variety of things you can do with army tags, from deciding what exactly is written on them, to the colors and designs used to what purpose a given tag will serve.

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Personalizing Tattoo Ideas

One popular type of army tag are those that come customized with a unique name or message. This could include a personal message to a loved one or a statement of achievement, such as "breast cancer survivor." You can also personalize your army tag to serve a promotional purpose, as you can have the tag contain the brand name of your company. Another idea is to have tags made as souvenirs for special events such as surprise parties or family reunions.

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Graphics and Images Tattoo Ideas

One popular idea is to get a special graphic or image imprinted into the tag. Flags, for instance, can be put on it the tag. This is often used as a complement to another tag being worn that may contain regular writing. Others may have commemorative symbols or the logo of their favorite team printed on the tag. Be aware that army tags with colored graphics or images printed on them tend to cost a bit more to make and buy.

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Tags That Serve a Purpose Tattoo Ideas

Uses for army tags are not just limited to personalized messages or customized graphics. You can use them as a tool for medical awareness, stating any health problems you may have in case of an emergency, such as "diabetic." Army tags can also be put on your pet, providing information such as a phone number in case your pet gets lost. Luggage tags can also be a useful idea. You could have your name, phone number and address printed onto them, offering a more secure alternative to filling out time-consuming address cards at the airport.

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Colors Tattoo Ideas

Army tags don't just come in plain, matte stainless steel. Other choices include brighter, shinier stainless steels, black stainless steel, shiny brass, shiny copper, red or gold anodized aluminum and more. You can also choose which color rubber silencer to include with your army tag. These are the one-piece, rubber borders that are placed on the edges of the tag. You can find them in green, army green, yellow, black, blue, red, orange, white, assorted color combinations as well as desert, urban and regular camouflage.

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Portuguese Tattoo Ideas

The permanence of a tattoo practically screams a message to the world and is a passionate way to show off national pride. Some tattoo designs are obvious ways to represent Portugal and more subtle designs may only be noticeable for a person familiar with the country and culture.

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Flag Tattoo Ideas

An obvious choice to represent Portugal is the flag. This tattoo can be varied by using just the coat of arms that appears in the middle of the flag. The coast of arms has had different versions throughout the years and a historical version can make for an interesting slightly less obvious option. For a very subtle version you could also use just a piece of the coat of arms, like the blue cross or shields.

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Rooster Tattoo Ideas

The rooster of Barcelos or the "galo de Barcelos" in Portuguese is a symbol of honesty, integrity and honor that is an unofficial symbol of the country. There are many historic and stylized versions of the rooster which usually come in red, black, yellow, orange, blue and white that could make for a colorful tattoo for both males and females.

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Pottery Pattern Tattoo Ideas

Portugal is famous for its decorative ceramic arts and a pattern drawn from that tradition can serve as a representation of Portuguese history and culture. This tattoo can also be feminine or masculine depending on the pattern chosen. Different designs can represent different regions and historic and cultural contexts. The pattern can also be drawn inside an outline of a representation of Portugal like a famous monument, the Portuguese rooster or the shape of the country to emphasize the meaning.

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Flowers Tattoo Ideas

Flowers associated with Portugal can make for a more subtle and feminine tattoo. The national flower of Portugal is lavender which can be coupled with a phrase written in Portuguese. Lilies, gerberas, sunflowers and blossoming almond tree flowers are also popular flowers in Portugal. You can choose a flower associated with certain regions where many people of Portuguese ancestry live like the African islands of Madeira or the Azores to be more specific to a certain heritage or culture.

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Ideas for a Tattoo With the Capricorn Zodiac Symbol

A tattoo is forever and should be representative of the person who wears it. Zodiac signs are popular because they represent not only your birth, but a whole set of personality traits. The Capricorn zodiac symbol looks like a number 7 and 6 fused together or a seven with the end curled in the opposite direction. Capricorns are represented by the goat, which is also a common theme in Capricorn tattoos.

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Goat Tattoo Tattoo Ideas

The goat is the animal symbol of the Capricorn that represents perseverance and determination synonymous with the sign. The goat can be incorporated into a Capricorn tattoo in many ways. The goat can be drawn as the centerpiece for the tattoo with the zodiac symbol next to it or it can protrude from the zodiac symbol. The symbol can also be used to represent the horns of the goat. The goat is a good choice to accompany the symbol for a masculine tattoo.

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Flower or Heart Tattoo Ideas

In a feminine tattoo, the Capricorn symbol can be represented in the center of a flower or a heart. The symbol can be in the pistil, or the middle, of the flower. Placing the sign in the pistil can have the double significance of life, birth and femininity since the pistil is the female reproductive part of a flower. The Capricorn sign can also be in the center of a heart, signifying love and life.

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Tribal and Celtic Tattoo Ideas

The Capricorn symbol has a tribal look to it that can be enhanced by using it as centerpiece of a tribal or Celtic design. Both tribal and Celtic tattoos are characterized by thick black lines drawn in graphic designs. The Capricorn symbol can blend well with the graphic nature of the tattoo. This tattoo works well for a masculine look.

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Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

The Capricorn symbol can be in the center of a butterfly design to represent the body of the insect. The colorful wings of the butterfly extend on both sides of the symbol. This can be done with other insect with wings, such as a dragonfly. The tattoo is very feminine and can work well if you desire multiple colors.

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Triceps Tattoo Ideas

Unlike other popular areas, like the shoulder or the ankle, the triceps provides enough space for a relatively large sized piece of tattoo art. The triceps, which is located along the back and side of the upper arm is also relatively easy to hide with a short or long sleeve shirt, meaning that those who want something risque or controversial can place it here. Many different ideas for triceps tattoos exist, some very creative and others traditional.

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The Robotic Arm Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo has many different variations but basically it involves a tattoo of broken or peeled flesh with robotic or mechanical parts underneath. The triceps area is a great place to have this tattoo, as it looks real there, like you got wounded in battle and now your true robotic nature is somewhat exposed. This tattoo can be as large or as small as you want but generally looks better if you try to cover as much of back of the arm, triceps area and even shoulder if you can. A variation of this tattoo is the demon arm, where ripped flesh opens to reveal demonic muscles and even spooky living spirits.

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Script Tattoo Ideas

The triceps area is great place to give yourself a tattoo of your favorite poem or saying, as it provides a continuous space for script. You can even put a saying in another language by using Egyptian hieroglyphics, Chinese characters or Sanskrit. Use several lines of script to create a a page-like effect and don't wrap the script completely around the arm to make it stay relatively flat. If you want to get really creative you can put half of the script on one triceps and the other on the opposite one to create an evenly distributed tattoo that utilizes both arms.

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Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Many traditional tattoos use the large work space of the triceps area as their primary canvas. Sailor-type tattoos of mermaids go great in the triceps area and even move when you flex the muscle. Dragons, flaming hearts and other fantasy or religious iconography can be fully explored in this region as well. Japanese gangster style tattoos, which utilize full color and often depicts geishas or samurai warriors also go well on the triceps area.

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Tribal Designs Tattoo Ideas

Tribal designs, whether they are based on Celtic knot-work or Native American geometrical patterns, can be used to decorate the triceps area. Modern creative tribal art is also a speciality of many tattoo artists and this form allows you to create your own free-form design. These designs use abstract and dramatic symmetrical patterns that don't come from anywhere in particular but are meant to invoke a certain feeling or mood. Designs can also be taken from anything from art deco architecture to pottery from African tribes. You can also hide images within the tribal design, using geometrical optical illusions to create an elaborate work of art.

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Peacock Tattoo Ideas

The bright, bold hues of a peacock feather have made this beautiful bird popular throughout the ages. With its turquoise green, royal blue and deep purple coloring, the peacock feather makes a beautiful accent piece. Take inspiration from the peacock and incorporate some of its colors into themes in your life.

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Wedding Theme Tattoo Ideas

Peacock feathers make a beautiful theme for a wedding. The colors translate well into bridesmaid dresses, table linens and flowers, and you can use the feathers as accent pieces. Invitations can feature peacocks or feathers, and the cake topper can display them as well. In addition, the bridge can hold a bouquet of peacock feathers, instead of flowers.

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Party Idea Tattoo Ideas

When throwing the next holiday get-together, consider using peacocks as a theme. These colors are festive without being indicative of any religious festival, and will still highlight the warmth and joy of the season. Use peacock feathers as accent pieces in centerpiece bowls filled with green and blue ornaments. Another classic idea is to stick a single peacock feather into a folded napkin at each place setting. The range of peacock colors make this appropriate for any season.

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Room Decor

It's easy to design a room with this a peacock theme, whether you like the bird itself or just the colors. Consider painting the walls one of the bright, beautiful hues of the feather, and using peacock items throughout the room. Use feathers in vases as accents, and find a vintage peacock painting to place on the wall. This will quickly become a stunning room in a classic design, all featuring the beauty and grace of the peacock.

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Ideas for Sexy and Feminine Tattoos

You may be surprised to learn the U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies tattoo inks as cosmetics. It makes sense when you consider one function of tattoos is to enhance your appearance. If you are considering a tattoo and want a sexy, feminine one, there are many options.

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Tattoos on the Back

Not all back tattoos are on the lower back. Small, feminine designs at the base of the neck or on the upper back are alluring and can be hidden when necessary. Roses, suns, moons and hearts are classic elements. If you want a larger design, angel wings are a great option.

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Top of the Foot Tattoos

Tattoos on the tops of the feet can create a delicate appearance. An intricate design of flowers and butterflies can be placed so they are seen with sandals and most high heels. Tattoos in these areas are unique and can also be hidden when necessary.

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Wrist and Ankle Tattoos

There are two options for tattoos on the wrists and ankles: designs and bracelets. Almost anything is attractive on the ankle or inside the wrist if it is tasteful and relatively small. Stars, flowers, hearts, moons, suns and daggers are popular options. Bracelets around the wrists or ankles can create a delicate, feminine look if they are appropriately sized. Vines and tribal designs are good options.

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Shoulders Tattoo Ideas

Whether on the back or front of the shoulder, a relatively small and feminine design can be appealing here, also. Hearts, roses and stars are great for this area. A simple "Kiss Here" is another sexy, frisky option.

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Fun Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a permanent symbol worn on the skin. Some people use tattoos as a commemoration of a loved one, some as a reminder of a lifestyle. Still others get ink to show off their taste in design and artistry. With so many people of all ages getting so many tattoos these days, many express a light and fun view of the world. You can achieve a fun, but still stunning, tattoo by considering outline, image, placement and lettering.

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Image Tattoo Ideas

It's easy to give most images a fun flare by cartooning their appearance. Have the artist take a realistic object and round its edges, exaggerating curves and skewing proportions a bit. If you'd like a lighter look without getting too goofy, shading and coloring can add the subtle touch you're looking for. A realistically drawn object in a fun and abnormal color will draw attention to the creativity and artistic license. White shading can jazz an otherwise serious tattoo up, too.

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Outline Tattoo Ideas

Whether you're looking for an accent around an image or just a simple design itself as the main attraction, there are several ways to lighten up traditional arm bands and outlines. Use a funky color for your outline, or do a traditional line in black, coupled with a line in white or other unique color. Use thicker, curvier lines, or even put a design into the outline. For instance, make an outline a chain of small bubbles or flowers instead of a direct line.

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Lettering Tattoo Ideas

Lettering can make a tattoo more solemn or more fun, depending on the message and the letter design. Fun words and phrases go well with equally fun designs, so keep them simple and silly. Too much calligraphy weighs the tattoo down, giving it a more serious tone. Pick a bright color, sure to stand out, and a dark outline so that the words pop.

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Placement Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo placement can really show your originality and spirit. Depending on your image and design, getting a tattoo on the inside of your ankle or wrist, or somewhere that the skin crinkles, will allow you to make that tattoo dance and jump. Tattoos in easily visible spots will ensure you see them as much as possible. Hidden tattoos can add an element of hide-and-seek fun, plus they can remain unseen in professional circumstances, allowing you to fully express yourself through them without fear of repercussion.

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How to Design Your Own Tattoos for Men

Tattoos are created by inserting colored ink below the surface of the skin using a tattoo gun. In Western culture, the tattoo has gone from a taboo to a large part of mainstream culture. Because tattoos are permanent, it is important to consider exactly where you're going to put your tattoo and how you want it to look. Tattoos can be designed at home and then taken to a professional tattoo artist to be applied to your body.

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1. Designate the location of your tattoo. Tattoos can go anywhere on your body, but popular places for men to get tattoos include the upper back and shoulder blades, the upper arm or forearm and the calves. Determining where you're going to get your tattoo before you design it will help you design a tattoo of the appropriate size for its location.

2. Find an example of, or visualize, the subject of the tattoo. Many men chose to get tribal tattoos on their arms, odes to their mothers, wives or children, or symbols of strength, such as a tiger or the Chinese character for strength. There are four main types of tattoos: the abstract tattoo, which mimics tribal designs; the naturalistic tattoo, which uses a lot of shading and detail to create a complex tattoo image; the dedication tattoo, which includes the name of a person or organization; and the simple tattoo, which is a simple or reduced representation of an image. Each of these types of tattoos can make a good design for men, depending on what you are trying to convey.

3. Draw or design your tattoo on a piece of paper or on a computer imaging program, taking into account the considerations you have made. Be sure the image is the appropriate size for its destination body part, because the act of shrinking or expanding images at the tattoo parlor can cause distortion. Make several drafts of the design if necessary to obtain the proper design. Be sure all the lines are clear so that the tattoo artist will have no trouble replicating the design on your body.

4. Go to a reputable tattoo artist. Especially if you are getting a naturalistic tattoo, it is important to choose a tattoo artist who is capable of creating intricate designs. Ask to see the tattoo artist's portfolio and check to see if he has successfully done designs similar to the one you have created. Consult online reviews or ask previous customers about their satisfaction with their tattoos. Show the tattoo artist your design and make sure she is comfortable with tattooing the design.

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Leprechaun Tattoo Ideas

The first association that pops into many peoples' heads upon hearing the word leprechaun is the cartoon character associated with the Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. But leprechauns are actually derived from Irish folk beliefs dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Whether you want a leprechaun tattoo to show your Irish heritage and affection for the idea of the little people or if you just find leprechauns compelling, leprechaun tattoos can be silly, serious or somewhere in between.

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Realistic Leprechaun Tattoo Ideas

Design a tattoo showing a realistic Irish country scene, complete with rolling green hills, a rainy gray sky and a sour-faced leprechaun peering out from his perch atop a toadstool. Such a tattoo is suitable for someone who wants a large tattoo, like a shoulder or even full back tattoo, or someone who likes the idea of showing the leprechaun in his original habitat. While the origins of the modern idea of a leprechaun are somewhat muddled, according to Encyclopedia.com, its roots may include Irish and Scottish beliefs about small spirit-people.

Cartoon Leprechaun Tattoo Ideas

Create a tattoo design showing a cartoon leprechaun if you have an aesthetic preference for the cartoon style, if your interest in leprechauns is based in their comic value, or if you want to show a particular cartoon leprechaun. Widely recognized cartoon leprechauns include the aforementioned Lucky Charms breakfast cereal character and the redheaded Notre Dame "Fightin' Irish" mascot. Leprechaun cartoon tattoos tend to fit well on narrow body areas like arms and calves.

Leprechaun with Rainbow and Pot of Gold Tattoo Ideas

Commission a tattoo that shows a leprechaun with a rainbow and a pot of gold if you want to make a statement about your own level of determination in pursuing a seemingly impossible goal, or if you just like the popular legend. This leprechaun design could make a good armband tattoo because the rainbow could arc all the way around your bicep. Show one end of the rainbow ending in a cloud and the other end ending, of course, in a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun.

Leprechaun Sitting Tattoo Ideas

Ask the tattoo artist to give you a tattoo of a leprechaun sitting on something if you want to incorporate an additional element into your tattoo. For a classic leprechaun look, have him sitting on a toadstool or a shamrock. Alternately, for an unexpected and probably amusing look, show the leprechaun sitting on something completely unrelated to Ireland or the many legends and pop culture associations of leprechauns, like a lawnmower or a cactus.

Scroll Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos give people a way to display their creativity and pay bodily homage to the places, people, ideas or things that are important to them. Whether you wish to pay tribute to a particular scroll, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, or if you just like the idea of using a scroll graphic, scroll tattoos can show graphics, symbols, words or pictures.

Scroll with Quote Tattoo Ideas

Design a tattoo showing a scroll framing a quote that you find meaningful. The quote could be drawn from a religious text, such as the Koran, the Bible or the Upanishads, from a favorite novel or nonfiction book, from a poem, or from a person you admire. Arrange the quote to be tattooed in a font that fits the scroll style. For example, if you decide to go with a metallic, futuristic-looking scroll, a square-edged computer-style font would match. Alternately, for a parchment-style scroll, find a flowery Shakespearean cursive font.

Dead Sea Scrolls Tattoo Ideas

Commission a tattoo that pays homage to the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in the mid-20th century in a cave near the Dead Sea. Since the bulk of the cache of ancient scrolls comprised fragments of scrolls, make your tattoo depict a scrap of goatskin scroll inscribed with Aramaic or Hebrew. Such a tattoo would be cryptic and suitable for someone who wants a small scroll tattoo. Alternately, if you prefer a large tattoo, design a scroll that will stretch the length and breadth of your back and have a substantial portion of the text of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls tattooed within it.

Blank Scroll Tattoo Ideas

Direct the tattoo artist to give you a tattoo of an unfurled blank scroll if you like the look of an empty scroll or if you wish your tattoo to function as a symbol of life as a blank slate (or blank scroll, in this case) upon which you may write your own story. You could also get a blank scroll tattoo and plan to fill in the "content" of the scroll later.

Treasure Map Scroll Tattoo Ideas

Commission a tattoo showing a partially unrolled treasure map scroll if you have held onto your childhood affinity for pirates and tales of lost treasures or if you wish to visually evoke the idea that you are searching for something. A treasure map scroll tattoo would be enhanced by traditional pirate accouterments like a treasure chest, a pile of gold doubloons, a cheeky parrot or a cutlass.

Different Styles of Painted Clown Faces Tattoo Ideas

Many might be surprised to know that there are many different kinds of clown looks out there, with personalities to match. The Pierott clown is a European whiteface clown and is known as the more elegant of the clowns. Whitefaces are leaders, Auguste's are funny and outgoing, while Hobo clowns are considered less fortunate and forlorn.

The Pierott Tattoo Ideas

A jester clown, or Pierott, face is covered in white makeup. They are often dressed up as medieval jesters, with large hats and clothes that are two separate colors on either side of the garment. The face is done in all white around the face and jawline. Little color is involved. Sometimes the eyes are completely outlined with black with winged liner going up or down at the corner of the eyes. Exaggerated lashes can also be drawn on. Another style of eye makeup is a vertical line going up both eyes and down the center of the lower lash line. Eyebrows should be darkened in black. Red lipstick can also be worn.

The Auguste Tattoo Ideas

The Auguste clown is a more familiar, mainstream clown face. one that is complete with a big red nose. The face should have a pink or tanned base to it. White paint should be drawn in a large circles around both eye areas, extending halfway up the forehead, and then outlined in black. This should also be done for the area around the mouth and should take on a large white grin. Lips can be painted white also to continue the appearance of a large smile. Finish this look off with a large curly red wig and a red nose.

The Hobo Clown Tattoo Ideas

The tramp, or hobo, clown's makeup is similar to that of the Auguste. Apply a tan or pink skin base and outline the eyes in white (or black) and draw the eyebrows on above the eyebrows. Instead of covering the whole mouth in white, cover the area around the mouth, like drawing on a big bushy beard. Color the lips in with white face paint in a long, thin, sideways oval. You can apply a red or black clown nose and red blush to complete the look.

The Straight Whiteface

Unlike the European whiteface, the straight whiteface clown does not wear a jester costume, or a large hat. The straight whiteface clown's neck, face, ears and head are painted completely white. This clown is bald and will wear a small, tilted hat. Black and red face paint can be used to accent various features of the clown's face.

Biomech Tattoo Ideas

Biomech is a style that merges the biological with mechanical, and biomech tattoos make a person look like they are part machine, often by showing exposed mechanics under the flesh. There are a variety of styles, from steam punk gear biomech tattoos to modern hydraulic looking mechanics, that you can incorporate into your tattoo depending on your personal preference.

Exposed Wires Tattoo Ideas

Symbols Tattoo Ideas

A common biomechanical tattoo style is art that looks like an open wound but, instead of flesh under the skin, exposed wires show through. These type of tattoos can be done on any part of the body but where you have it done should determine what type of mechanics you have underneath it. For a realistic mechanical look, tattoo on wires running in the same direction as the muscles on limbs. On the torso having plate type pieces that look like metal muscles with wires running across the gaps creates a good biomech effect.

Mechanical Heart Tattoo Ideas

You can make your organs look biomechanical. Design a tattoo to go over your heart that looks like a mechanical one exposed. For a steam punk oriented biomech tattoo go with a brass or copper made heart design with a lot of gears. For a more modern biomech tattoo you may want to consider blue tinged plastic looking tubes connecting rounded chambers.

Shoulder Joint Tattoo Ideas

One option for a biomech tattoo is exposed mechanical joint systems. Have the tattoo designed so it looks like the skin was perfectly cut to fit over all but the mechanical joint. You can decide whether to have wires exposed or just a metal ball and socket joint. You can vary the color to get the desired biomech style that you're looking for whether it's old gear systems or modern hydraulic ones.

Hidden Circuits Tattoo Ideas

Circuit boards are an easy way to create a biomech tattoo because they can look like they're left intentionally exposed. Have your tattoo designed to look like a circuit board recessed into your skin. Have it tattooed on a relatively flat area of your body such as one side of your back to maintain the illusion of depth and keep the edges cleanly designed.

Cover-Up Ideas for Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are easily spotted by others because of their obvious position near the hands, and because most people generally do not wear long sleeves all year long. If you want to conceal your wrist tattoos for a job or public event, a few methods will help to cover them up.

Wristbands Tattoo Ideas

Terry cloth elastic wristbands are often worn by athletes to keep sweat from running down from their arms onto their hands, but wristbands have also become popular to support organizations and fundraising efforts. Find a band that is wide enough to cover your wrist tattoo and stays in place. Wear the bands during sporting activities or events, rather than for more formal occasions.

Bracelets Tattoo Ideas

Bracelets can be a formal or casual way to cover-up wrist tattoos. You will typically need to wear multiple bracelets to cover the entire tattoo, so look for a bangle-style set that will become thick enough to cover your entire tattoo. If you are wearing a bracelet or bracelet set to a more formal event, look for either a classic style or a decorative cuff bracelet. More casual dress can allow for more versatile bracelet designs, and you can even make thick cloth or leather bracelets with patterns or designs.

Sleeves Tattoo Ideas

Wearing long-sleeved shirts may be the most obvious way to cover your wrist tattoos, but you will need to make sure the sleeves remain long enough to cover your tattoos when you move your arms. Sleeves will generally slip up your arm and reveal your tattoos, so look for an opaque design with fabric that wraps around and attaches to your thumb so the sleeve does not slide up. Gloves and wrist warmers can also be worn with long sleeves to conceal tattoos, if weather permits.

Makeup Tattoo Ideas

Cover your wrist tattoos with a makeup concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply a thick coat of liquid concealer onto the surface of your skin over the top of the tattoo. After you apply each coat, set the concealer with makeup powder. Continue this process until the tattoo is covered as much as possible.

Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Peacocks are compelling and eye-catching birds whose vibrant colors have inspired admiration, myths and art for centuries. Whether you want to design a peacock tattoo because you work as a zookeeper, feel a deep resonance with the mythical associations of the peacock, or simply love birds and the colors blue and green, you can design a peacock tattoo that will suit almost any reason and aesthetic preference.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas

Consider getting a tattoo showing a peacock feather if you like the look of feathers or are seeking a peacock tattoo design that will fit well on an upper arm, calf or thigh. Blue peacock feathers shimmer with a complex mixture of colors -- including aquamarine, sapphire and copper. Blue peacocks inhabit Sri Lanka and India, according to National Geographic, while the lesser-known green and Congo peacocks inhabit Java and Myanmar and the Congo, respectively.

Cartoon Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Get a tattoo showing a prancing, preening cartoon peacock if you are drawn -- pun intended -- to the cartoon style or if your choice of a peacock tattoo is meant to be humorous. Perhaps you love fashion and dressing up, and sometimes get teasingly called a peacock. A peacock cartoon tattoo could show a conceited-looking peacock showing off his feathers or looking down his nose at a less-flashy bird.

Full-Fan Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Design a tattoo of a peacock with his tail feathers fanned out in full glory if you want a tattoo that will fill a large area of your body, such as your back or chest. Refer to photos of peacocks when designing the tattoo to make sure you get the distinctive "eye" portions of the feathers just right. Alternately, for a subtle and slightly eerie visual effect, have the tattoo artist draw all the peacock's eye spots as actual eyes.

Pair of Peacocks Tattoo Ideas

Show a peacock and a peahen standing together if you wish to pay homage to the mythical associations of the peacock. Hindu legend holds peacocks as symbols of love and immortality, according to Yoga Journal. Peacocks have showy plumage, while peahens are less flamboyantly attired.

Smoke Tattoo Ideas

Smoke can be featured in tattoo pieces in any number of ways, from stand-alone pieces to large sleeves or other large tattoos featuring smoke as a part of the tattoo. Some choose to use smoke in religious tattoos, such as a smokey cross or the image of Jesus on the cross. If you would like to incorporate smoke into your first or next tattoo, always get your work done in a reputable tattoo parlor to avoid possible infection.

Skulls Tattoo Ideas

Skull tattoos may be accompanied by swirls of smoke, which work in sleeve, half sleeve or small tattoo format. Try a half sleeve of a skull enveloped in smoke and smokey tree branches, or a colorful smoking skull with a top hat. Smoking skulls with top hats can be based on Grateful Dead skull images or your own design. The smoke cloud on such tattoos can be colored as well, such as a purple cloud of smoke.

Animals Tattoo Ideas

Combine smoke with an animal image, either skull or flesh. For example, look for a ram image you like and instruct the tattoo artist to create swirls of smoke around the animal. Go for mythical animals such as dragons, phoenixes and unicorns emerging from a cloud of smoke. A humorous take on the smokey animal tattoo is an image of an animal smoking, such as a dog or cat. Entire back pieces can be created out of iconic images, such as dogs playing poker with cigars hanging out of their mouths.

People Tattoo Ideas

The image of a person smoking a cigarette or cigar is yet another smoke tattoo option. Such tattoos can be of someone you know, such as a beloved relative who always smoked, or the image of a famous musician, artist, leader or book character, such as Sherlock Holmes, who is often depicted with his pipe, Che Guevara, who smoked cigars, or artists such as Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh.

Additional Tattoo Ideas

Additional ideas for smoke tattoos include images of smoking devices, such as peace pipes. Sleeves or other large pieces of colorful fire can include smoke, either colorful or gray. Simple swirls of smoke in circular forms on the lower back, back of the neck, wrist, around the arm or on the shoulder blade are also options. Tattooing someone's name to your body or several names in a cloud of smoke is also a possibility.

Psalm 23 Tattoo Ideas

So you've decided to get a tattoo. You've even chosen to incorporate Psalm 23. But you have a lot of preparations before you can proudly show off your new ink. Maybe you want a simple and understated tattoo that displays the personal meaning the Bible passage has for you. Or perhaps you want something that makes a statement to everyone who sees it. Whatever the case, with careful deliberation you can get a tattoo you can be proud of for years to come rather than an abomination you have to remove quickly before anyone sees it.

The Passage Tattoo Ideas

Though Psalm 23 contains just six verses, it's important to decide how much of the passage to include. A small tattoo could contain a single, favorite verse or perhaps just the words "Psalm 23" in a decorative script. However, the actual text of the passage differs depending on the translation, so you must pick the version that best expresses the sentiment you want the tattoo to capture. For example, the King James Version's language is more poetic and traditional with the first verse reading "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." However, the same verse in the New International Version ends with "I lack nothing." You could even choose to use the original Hebrew script for a more ornamental tattoo.

Placement and Size Tattoo Ideas

How much the tattoo incorporates Psalm 23's text can dictate where it's placed on the body. If the tattoo contains a lot of text, then perhaps a place with ample space like a shoulder or calf would be the best location. Likewise, the wrist or ankle could fit smaller designs. If cost is a factor, ask the tattoo artist how she charges. Though determining cost varies with the tattoo shop, assume larger, more colorful tattoos will cost more. In addition, larger tattoos mean more pain. Tattoos on areas with thin skin that are close to bones and nerves, like the wrist, are typically more painful than those on fleshy areas, like the thigh.

Meaningful Images Tattoo Ideas

If you want to individualize your tattoo, using meaningful images along with text can make it more ornate. Use the text of the passage for ideas. Perhaps a shepherd's crook for the reference to God as a shepherd in the first verse or surround the text with the green pastures and quiet waters of the second verse. You could also use something more generic like a cross or Star of David. The goal is to choose an image that has personal meaning.

Design Elements Tattoo Ideas

An interesting design can give the tattoo a personal touch. Tattoo shops usually have samples of possible font styles, so peruse those as well as online sources like Tattoo Lettering, which allows you to test text in various styles. Color can also make tattoos more interesting, but remember colored inks tend to fade more easily than black ink so they will require more touch-ups over the years. Collaborating with the tattoo artist can also yield interesting ideas. They can suggest colors and themes that will make a cohesive tattoo design while still catering to your desires.

Ideas for a Zodiac Tattoo of Scorpio

Individuals born between October 23 and November 21 are Scorpios. The Scorpio is a water sign and its planet is Pluto. Scorpios are symbolized by the scorpion, the killer with a poisonous sting, and the eagle, king of the birds. Some characteristics common to Scorpios are magnetic and secretive personalities and a strong sexual energy. If you are considering a tattoo representative of this zodiac sign, you have a plethora of choices.

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo of a scorpion may seem like an obvious idea, but there is a wide variety of designs you can get. While scorpions range in color from tan to brown, the most commonly depicted version is that of the striped bark scorpion, which has two black stripes on its back. In recognition of the scorpion, consider requesting a black scorpion with red stripes on its back. The tail typically arches around its back, but it could be tattooed in any position. As an extra touch, a drop of blood could be depicted as dropping from the stinger.

Scorpio Glyph Tattoo Ideas

The Scorpio glyph looks like the letter "M" with an arrow on its right end; it represents male sexual energy. There are numerous variations you could use with the Scorpio glyph. Get it tattooed in your favorite color or position the glyph so that it is seated on the end of a scorpion's tail. Another idea is to have the glyph tattooed in between two small scorpions, or even have the word "Scorpio" written below the glyph.

Eagle Tattoo Ideas

In addition to the scorpion, the eagle is also symbolic of a Scorpio. As an eagle tattoo is a little less obvious as to its meaning than a scorpion, you may wish to consider a tattoo that incorporates images of both. You can depict your eagle in a perched or flying position; for a particularly powerful embodiment, consider an eagle positioned like it's descending on its prey. However, be aware that eagles are elaborate tattoos that can take longer to complete than simpler tattoos.

Water Tattoo Ideas

Since Scorpio is a water sign, consider an interesting tattoo of water. There are water tattoos that swirl into a circle shape and others that resemble waves. One idea is to depict a scorpion on top of a wave or the glyph surrounded by water. Another idea is to combine images of the planet Pluto and water in the same tattoo since Pluto is the planet associated with Scorpio.

Bluebird Tattoo Ideas

Whether you want a bluebird tattoo because you are deeply fond of the Eastern bluebird's delicate chirp, you miss the mountain bluebirds in a Colorado town you once lived in or you just find their bright coloring irresistible, a bluebird tattoo gives you the chance to show off your favorite quality or aspect of bluebirds.

Cartoon Bluebird Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo of a cartoon bluebird may suit you if you are a fan of animation or if you just like the look of cartoons. Your cartoon bluebird tattoo could be done in the somewhat flat style of an old-fashioned cartoon (think very early Mickey Mouse), the three-dimensional style of a computer-animated film like "Toy Story" or the distinctive angular, exaggerated style of Japanese anime.

Bluebird Perching Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo of a bluebird perching on something is a way to give the bluebird some visual context (by showing it within an environment). If you prefer a realistic approach to art, you may wish to design a tattoo showing the bluebird perching on a fruiting tree or on a branch overlooking a meadow, which are two of its favored locations. Alternately, the bluebird could be perched on an object you find meaningful or visually compelling, such as a wooden fence, an outstretched hand or a watering can.

Bluebird with Babies Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo showing a bluebird in flight may appeal to you if you are attracted to the imagery of flight or want your tattoo to take up a lot of space. For example, a bluebird mid-flight with wings outstretched would make a suitable design for someone who wants a tattoo that will take up much of her upper back, while a perched bluebird or a bluebird sitting on a nest would be more suitable for an upper arm or shoulder.

Hipbone Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos last forever. Whatever tattoo you choose to get is going to be on your body for the rest of your life. Finding the perfect tattoo is often the most difficult part of the tattooing process, and you shouldn't rush into the tattoo shop until you are certain about your design. The hipbone area lends itself to smaller and more discreet tattoos, but this is by no means a hard rule.

Personal Items Tattoo Ideas

One of the best sources for tattoo ideas is your personal life. Look for things that are important to you and find a way to express them visually. You can get the names of your children or their birth dates tattooed to your hip. If you're certain about your relationship, you can get the name of your significant other. Anything that means a lot to you can be translated into a small hip tattoo.

Common Items Tattoo Ideas

The hipbone makes a perfect canvas for some of the more traditional and popular tattoo symbols. Consider stars, music notes, roses and other flowers, hearts, or crossbones. Be careful when choosing a hipbone tattoo on pure aesthetics, as you may find that your tastes change over time. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a tattoo you hate.

Classic Tattoos Tattoo Ideas

Over the history of tattooing, some images have come to the foreground as classic tattoo icons, such as doves, anchors, cherries, homeward-bound ships, brass knuckles and daggers. Just as with any design, you should only consider tattoo ideas of this nature if they have a deep personal connection. For example, a sailor in the Navy may feel an attachment to the image of an anchor, as would his wife and family.

Text Tattoo Ideas

The hipbone is one of the best places to get a text tattoo. A text tattoo contains no image and is simply a written message. Song quotes are quite common, though these can quickly lose their appeal as your music tastes mature. Other interesting text items are quotes from famous authors or figures in history, or lines from your favorite poem. Some people opt for text in another language like Chinese or Sanskrit, though it's critical you do your due diligence in confirming the translation before you commit.

Firstborn Tattoo Ideas

Your firstborn has finally arrived and you want to celebrate her birth with a tattoo. A tattoo is one way to permanently mark the joyful occasion. Tattoos can be large, contain images or can be done in color or black and white. For those proud parents looking to commemorate the birth of their firstborn with a tattoo, several options are available, including inking names, dates and images.

Name Tattoo Ideas

For a smaller name tattoo, use only the baby's initials (e.g., J.E.M.). For larger tattoos, use your firstborn's full, middle and last name (e.g., Jaden Eric Marshall). Go bold with capital letters tattooed across your chest. Use script fonts for smaller areas, such as the upper arm or behind the ear. Add in a little tradition by using blue font for your bouncing baby boy and pink font for your little princess.

Picture Tattoo Ideas

Image tattoos require more patience because they have more detail and generally take longer to complete. More intricate tattoos include an image of mom, dad and baby. Tattoo images can be done in color or black and white. Like any other body art, be sure to have it done by a skilled professional

Date Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo the birthday of your firstborn. Use the number dates, such as 3-12-08, or spell out the full birth date, March 12, 2008. Underneath the date, include the exact time your little bundle of joy made his first appearance into the world.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas

Instead of using the birth date, use the zodiac sign. For example, if your baby was born under the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, have the symbol, which is a pair of fish, tattooed. The element associated with the Pisces symbol is water. Take the tattoo a step further and include a small image of waves.

Other Tattoo Ideas

Some proud parents opt to tattoo Japanese symbols to commemorate the special occasion. Japanese symbols include gender-specific items for a firstborn daughter or son. You can go generic by using the firstborn symbol. Other images include kid-friendly objects, such as a teddy bear or a rattle. For example, for your little girl, tattoo a teddy bear wearing a pink shirt with your daughter's name on the shirt. You can also make a print of your baby's feet and have the image tattooed onto your arm.

Considerations Tattoo Ideas

Remember, tattoos are permanent. Be sure you have fully made up your mind to get one. Always exercise due diligence when searching for a reputable tattoo artist.

Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas for Men

Angel wing tattoos are symbolic. Often, they are associated with guardian angels designed to give protection, courage and bravery. Nonetheless, angel wing tattoos are very popular among both genders. Women love the tattoos because they are feminine yet stylish, while men have these tattoos because they are symbolic of masculinity.

Popularity of Angel Wing Tattoos

Books, pictures and photographs have propelled the symbolism of angel wings. Angels represent the good and bad side of life, and there are many legends and myths that give impetus to this representation. These tattoos can be of different colors, sizes and shapes. Often, angel wing tattoos appear on the back or lower back, but the smaller sizes can be placed anywhere on the body. Many celebrities, sportspeople, movie stars and models have these tattoos.

Angel Wing Tattoos and Men

There is a belief that men who have angel wing tattoos are quite fond of women. The tattoos symbolize a man's masculinity and his love and respect for the woman in his life. However, men can also have these tattoos to represent their personal style and fashion, or religious beliefs. There is a wide variety of angel wing tattoo ideas that men can use, but knowing what they symbolize would help in getting the right tattoo.

Guardian Angels Tattoo Ideas

The wings of a guardian angel symbolize protection. Often, guardian angels are considered to be protectors of children and men who love kids can have the wings of these angels. Many men have guardian angel wings tattoos to protect themselves from danger and adversity.

Archangels Tattoo Ideas

In the Book of Revelations, seven angels stood before God and these were the archangels or the warriors of God. So, a man who is religious can think about getting an archangel wing tattoo on the back or anywhere else on the body.

Cherubs Tattoo Ideas

The cherub symbolizes love. The wings of the cherub on either side of a heart and the name of the loved one can be a good idea for men who want to show their love for the woman in their lives.

Fallen Angels Tattoo Ideas

Lucifer, Mephistopheles and Beelzebub were some of the fallen angels who were banished from Heaven by God. Wings of fallen angels can be depicted as torn and bloody wings, and represent the more sinister side of life. These tattoos are popular among Goths, bikers and occultists.

How to Remove a Tattoo:

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Professional Tattoo Removal

1. Decide on the removal method you would like to try. Just how effective the methods are on tattoo removal will depend on the experience of the artist that did your tattoo, how big it is, where it is located and your ability to heal. The newer the tattoo, the more difficult it could be to remove, and the more experienced the artist that did the tattoo the easier it will be to remove. Consider one of the following methods to get your tattoo removed professionally:

Laser tattoo removal- Laser tattoo removal is one of the few methods of tattoo removal that does not involve cutting into the skin and instead uses pulses of light at a very high concentration to remove the tattoo. It can not be guaranteed that this will remove the tattoo 100% and is a painful procedure. Patients are normally given a local anesthetic gel prior to undergoing the laser treatment. It should also be noted that laser tattoo removal usually requires multiple treatments and can cause scarring, blisters or scabs.

Dermabrasion and salabrasion- These methods of tattoo removal have been around for a long time, but are now only used when laser removal is not an option. Dermabrasion sands down the skin after being sprayed with a numbing solution. Salabrasion is similar, except that a salt water solution is applied to the skin before they grind or abrade the skin. These two methods can be very painful, can cause peeling and bleeding and are not as effective as some other tattoo removal options.

Surgical removal- In this invasive procedure, the doctor will cut through several layers of skin and cut out the tattoo. The skin is either stretched and stitched up or a skin graph is introduced.

2. Do your research. The effectiveness of any professional method is dependent on the abilities of the professional. Look for reviews online of any potential doctors you find or ask for the names of former clients that you can talk to.

3. Save up money. Professional tattoo removal is expensive, so make sure that you properly research the different options you can use to finance the procedure, or that you have enough time to pay it off without damaging your bank account too much.

4. Make sure that you follow the professional's instructions regarding care of the site immediately after each treatment. The tattoo removal site should be kept dry and generally treated very carefully for a few days after every treatment.

Tattoo Removal Cream doesn't work Laser Does!:

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